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    Re: On Working for Free...

    Good find @Browncoat!

    I get there's a time when people have to "pay their dues" and take gigs they don't particularly enjoy, or take jobs that don't pay as much as what others, but this rubs me the wrong way. I'm glad to see she's getting some serious exposure for taking a stand, and taking a stand for her own "Life that you want".

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    Re: On Working for Free...

    As a former working musician, this resonated with me in a big way. But it's funny, for all the "pass the hat" and "gigs for exposure" we were offered and did, when we did get the opportunity to open for a national act we at least got enough to pay for gas, strings and a meal. Kudos to her for writing the letter. I suspect she might just get some paid gigs.
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    Re: On Working for Free...

    I can rant on and on about this one.... to be fair though, performing arts are simply not for everyone and raw talent (in sales as well) separates the wolves from the sheep. Not everyone is cut out to me a wolf, and honestly unless you're on the big stage, it could well mean that you just won't make that kind of cut (without extraneous amount of time and effort, without any guarantee).

    Can't really educate the masses or the employers to be fair and appreciate what they take for granted, so perhaps educate artists how to become better salespeople?
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