Nikon D750
Nikon 24-120 VR
I just bought the kit 4 months ago after prices dropped. I was frankly looking to borrow an ultrawide/ wide lens with better results (on paper as per reviews). Wasn't able to plan it out and thought I'd give the 24-120 a shot. I must say, I'm quite impressed! It's very sharp in the centre. Edge sharpness is lacking, which is what all the reviews said. I must say however, edge sharpness is overrated. Who goes pixel peeping into the edge? If you real subject is on the edge, I think your composition skills needs work!
I've decided to hang on to this lens for the time being and test it out further. For now though, I'm very happy.
As for the body, it's a steal at USD 1200! For folks looking to move to FX and are looking to a D780, save your money. The high ISO performance is remarkable! If you need to push ISO further, then you need to reassess your shooting strategy
I had a tripod, but it wasn't possible to shoot on some spots with the tripod. Those I shot at ISO 3200 and the results are quite amazing. Yes it does need some NR/ sharpening in post, but the results are still outstanding.
Would love some feedback from the kind folks here!

NOTE: Please excuse the image file quality. I understand that there is a limit to file size and I'm having a little trouble calibrating to that!

Dubai Creek - New Gear-isolation-4.jpg
Dubai Creek - New Gear-isolation-1.jpg
Dubai Creek - New Gear-isolation-3.jpg
Dubai Creek - New Gear-isolation-2.jpg
Dubai Creek - New Gear-isolation-1-2.jpg

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