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    Sunset over the rooftops

    Sunset over the rooftops-019740d5-5953-497b-8495-ebebc4895717.jpg

    Please critique, sunsets not really my thing I just loved the glow of this shot.

    Taken with D600 and 24-85mm lens

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      Re: Sunset over the rooftops

      Well, considering the low light you managed to get the foreground objects nicely visible, I'd say this was a nicely successful shot. Very nicely contrasting colors, with the green grass and the golden sunset.

      If the photo was taken earlier, and the sun was more prominent, then you could say the Sun was obviously the subject of the photo, which is what you want. A photo should have an identifiable subject.

      Good on ya mate! Post more!

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      Re: Sunset over the rooftops

      If you have Luminar, this photo might be a great candidate for the "sun rays" filter. I agree, nicely exposed shot but the subject or a main focal point is not obvious to me either.
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      Re: Sunset over the rooftops

      Thanks guys,

      I don’t have luminar but if any member reading this does feel free to have a play.

      To to be honest I had to be quick as the sky was only like this a few minutes. I was trying to capture the glow over the rooftops with the tree silhouette as a focal point, paths leading to it.

      With regards to the foreground I did push the shadows a little in Lightroom but I am well impressed with the D600’s ability to pull detail from nothing

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      Re: Sunset over the rooftops

      Well. I think you missed the goal of the tree being the focal point. However, you captured the sky glow, and it has the making of a serene landscape shot, with buildings.

      Many times I have seen a cool looking sky and missed it.
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