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    D3100 | 55mm | ISO-450 | f/5.6 | 1/30 sec


    I'd appreciate any thoughts/advice/critique on this (and shots at http://www.flickr.com/photos/organize/?start_tab=sets if poss) - I seem to be at a stage where all my friends are getting married and having babies. Given that I have more than the basic point and shoot, I'm being asked more and more to take some pics for them - no pressure!!

    I want to improve and push myself, so would appreciate any pointers. I don't have Photoshop, etc, so any changes would have to be made through ViewNX or not at all!



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      Re: Baby

      What is your message with this photograph? It's a cute baby, and I appreciate the BW, but I don't know what it means.
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      Re: Baby

      It doen't need to be message. It's enough that it's a nice photo. Thumbs up!
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      Re: Baby

      The blanket or hood of the jacket near the right eye should have been pulled down to reveal all of the eye.

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      Re: Baby

      assuming your on a kit lens and cant get a higher aperature than 5.6 at 55mm, bump up the ISO's a touch more and get into shutter priority mode, increase that shutter speed some. 1/30th leaves room for motion blur from hand shake (also assuming you are indoors with poor lighting)...also, use selective focus and select the eye. looks like the focus missed the eyes on this one and got the nose and mouth instead. being a black and white, it could be a bit more contrasty as well.
      The D3100/kit lens is anything but stellar in low light, so unless you want to invest in some good glass, and/or a speed light, then get those babies/subjects in as much light as possible...just remember to adjust your ISO's and shutter speeds accordingly.
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      Re: Baby

      I think I will designate THIS the official (sic) baby SNAPSHOT thread. Since another has been designated as portrait only. We were just babysitting her, and it's been ages since I've been around babies. Isn't she precious?
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