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    Rugby League Action Shots

    Rugby League Action Shots
    Hi everyone
    Love taking shots of my 12yr old son playing RL am currently using 55-200mm lens on a d5000 am wanting to purshase a better lens 4 my shots have a budget of $500 what do you guys recommend AUS $$Rugby League Action Shots-luke.jpg

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      Re: Rugby League Action Shots

      Hi Nokkie. Nice shot of the rugby players. If you like the 55-200, you're going to love the 55-300 VR or even better, the 70-300VR lens. Longer reach on both, better results in picture quality. The only difference is price and quality of build. Go and try both lenses on your camera to see which one you're most comfortable with. Let us know your final choice.

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      Re: Rugby League Action Shots

      Nice. However, technically it's not Rugby without blood.
      -> Don
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      Re: Rugby League Action Shots

      Thanks fotojack the 55-300mm is on special for $364 & the 70-300mm is $999.95 is the 70-300mm a lot sharper than the 55-300mm /Thanks PhotoAV8R he actually copped a whack in the nose 2 weeks ago going in 4 a hit & there was blood LOL

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      Re: Rugby League Action Shots

      There is a line you will pass between 200 and 300mm in my opinion.

      In my opinion, the shot you posted here seems very adequate in telling the story with the other players, the playing field and some back ground included. If you zoomed in tighter with a longer lens then the entire frame would be filled with just the player your focus would be on and those other elements would not be included.
      If you want a lens that will take in the entire field from one end, then an even longer lens like a 400mm would be the way to go. But if you want to be willing to work at positioning yourself for the shot then the 200mm is adequate for Rugby.

      The main reason I went with the 300mm lens was for that extra distance that wild life is usually found that I couldn't reach with the 200mm lens.

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      Re: Rugby League Action Shots

      Hi KWJams
      Thanks for your reply the boy with the boy is my son what i am trying to acheive is getting right up in his face so i can see his facial expressions clearer. We are limited as parents in where we can position ourselves on the field this was taken from the end of the field & the boys were on about the halfway line.

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