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    What do you think?

    What do you think?
    Hi everyone just wondering if you could give me any feedback on this image-
    What do you think?-swanbw.jpg

    Took it while on a recent canal trip, just any feedback would be great, advice for the future anything is appreciated


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      Re: What do you think?

      Like the idea and the crop.
      For my personal taste I would prefer to see a bit more contrast to make the swan pop and give it a little more impact but thats just me.

      Overall good shot.
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      Re: What do you think?

      I would have gone with a square crop removing all the out of focus background on the left of the swan.
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      Re: What do you think?

      To start, cool shot!

      I like more of the subject and less "dead space" when it's dealing with a close-up like this, though, so I'd agree with more of a square crop as Marcel suggested. Then, perhaps, a bit higher contrast B&W? Or maybe some uber sharpening here and there? It feels a little flat, but either of those touches might make it pop out a bit more.
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      Re: What do you think?

      Nice shot.

      Square crop would work for me too.

      There is a disparity between the light and the dark that may be hard to overcome, but I think there is more detail to be discovered by playing with the exposures in post.
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      Re: What do you think?

      I like the shot... Hoping you don't mind, I selected the space under the neck and beak and brought down the exposure to better match the rest of the background and sort of make his/her head stand out a bit more. I also cleaned up a couple white flecks on the face:

      What do you think?-duck-duck-goose.jpg

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