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    Picture of my daughter

    Picture of my daughter
    Took this yesterday...was a little sunny out, but had to take it when she was awake.

    Nikon d7000, with 50mm lens, shot in aperature mode I believe it was around 5.6f stop touched up some on lightroom, I'm still learning how to get a full focus on the subject.

    Picture of my daughter-rea1.jpeg

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      Re: Picture of my daughter

      Very nice shot

      Tapp'n on the go

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      Re: Picture of my daughter

      Very cute!!! It may be my monitor but it seems that her face is a bit soft and her eyes are dark. I think if you had some catchlights in her eyes it would really make the image jump out at you.

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      Re: Picture of my daughter

      It is a wonderful shot. But the only slight problem in the soft focus on the face. a reflector might be nice to get just a little more light on her face. But with children you can't always get what you want. You get what you can and you caught a great expression.

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      Re: Picture of my daughter

      Nice as said before with children you take what you get.

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      Re: Picture of my daughter

      Great picture. Ditto on the soft focus. Like Don said on the reflector except the baby would have found the reflector so interesting she would have never looked where you wanted. lol!
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