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    Re: Hot Air Balloon Photo Input Request

    I guess I'm the odd one out here. I honestly, and overwhelmingly, prefer the original photo. It has a sense of serenity and grandeur that the edits - skillfully done as they are - only serve to diminish. The negative space of the original imparts a real feeling of vastness, and shouldn't be cropped out. The muted colors of your original make the glow of the burner stand out all the more, like those photos of a single lit window seen in the distance of a nighttime snow scene, or a Thomas Kinkade picture. Saturating the surrounding colors reduces the dramatic luminosity of that lone burner. All in my opinion, of course.

    I wouldn't touch it.

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                            Re: Hot Air Balloon Photo Input Request

                            Here's my take on this; just a few quick and dirty edits.

                            I want to say I didn't intend to remove your watermark but among a few other things I thought the shot needed straightening and the watermark got clipped in the process, so I just removed what was left. No offense intended.
                            Hot Air Balloon Photo Input Request-48703220376_49ac4e6462_c.jpg

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                            Re: Hot Air Balloon Photo Input Request

                            There are aspect of different photos posted here i like.
                            What I would do is:
                            Some haze removal to saturate the balloon and flags.
                            Pull up the orange a bit, the will compensate for the darkening caused the haze removal.
                            Then some LAB sharpening to define and make the gold pop.

                            Remember salt to taste.

                            I like your edit in the second but for the loss of detail in the sky.

                            I think this is a great shot and worth the editing time spent. I have some I keep going back and redoing.

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                            Re: Hot Air Balloon Photo Input Request

                            Maybe because I concentrate mainly on wildlife, I really like wev's edit. The message on the balloon is facing off screen to me.

                            I like the flare addition but, in my opinion it is too close to the subject and should be further left.
                            I might bring up the exposure on the text also, like it were aglow from the flame...

                            Take care!
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                            Re: Hot Air Balloon Photo Input Request

                            I like Paul's edit the best. I don't favor adding sun and lens flare that weren't there. Bumping the contrast and saturation just a bit, and a little crop, as Paul did, seems best to me. It seems like Paul's edit retains the mood and atmosphere of your original and accentuates the important elements of the composition.
                            Woody Green

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