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    Creative portrait editing help

    Creative portrait editing help
    Here's the recent shot I took of my daughter to practice a concept I want to use in an upcoming shoot. Not sure which edit below that I like the best ... or if I need to go at it again from raw. Any thoughts?

    Creative portrait editing help-image.jpg

    Creative portrait editing help-image.jpg

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                            Re: Creative portrait editing help

                            I am definitely not qualified to say much, but I prefer the second one. The only reason that I can give for it is I like the brightness which to me gives a fresh vibrant look to the photo (your daughter).
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                            Re: Creative portrait editing help

                            For me, the second image is too hot - bright. The first I find those blowouts in her hair distracting.

                            I love the concept, it just needs some developing. The leaf to her right side looks like it's puncturing the skin on her neck. Her expression looks a little pained like maybe she wasn't fully on board with doing it.

                            Nicely done capturing the light passing through the front of her eye.

                            Sorry that all seems all over the place.
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                            Re: Creative portrait editing help

                            Of the two I prefer the first one for the lighting and the colours in general.
                            But like Geaorge says there is a lot going on and a lot to detract from your beautiful daughter.

                            Would have been nice to have the lkeaf turned clockwise to expose her eye and have the v of the leaf on her cheek.

                            I would also soften the butterflies (if i was to use them).

                            Lots of fun innit?
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                            Re: Creative portrait editing help

                            Granted, I'm on a plane viewing the images on my iPad, but the second image looks too hot to me as well.

                            I think I understand what/why the exposure was raised from the first image, but rather than raising it globally it might work better to do local adjustments. I notice the leaf in the neck more in the boasted exposure, but I also think the dress looks better in the second image.

                            Touch choice to saw what's right/best, but I think you're on to it.

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                            Charlie, aka RocketCowboy

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                            Re: Creative portrait editing help

                            I would say generally they both are too warm (edit maybe my work screens are warm, will check when I get home in 5 1/2 hrs), did you use flash? I also would like to see it at f/2.8 just to see what it looks like then.
                            I love the idea and concept but think you could fine tune it to achieve an outstanding image.

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                            Re: Creative portrait editing help

                            Thank you all so much for your feedback and advice!! So cool to have so many good and genuine people here to call friends.

                            I'll upload the original sonic in a few to give you an idea of where I started. Definitely too bright from the start. Had set up everything to be in the shade of the overcast skies but as we were just about to shoot the sun came back out. I tried waiting a bit but the cloud cover that came back was too thin. Had to time it just right before she was squinty from the light. Did not use the external flashes but did have them ready for the shot originally.

                            I think ill go back to the original and start again on two differing directions. Hopefully I can eliminate the burnouts and get a more even tone as I lower the exposure around the perimeter like the 2nd image.
                            David ~

                            “Beauty is in the eye of the camera holder.”

                            D750 * D7100 * Nikon 35-70mm f/2.8 * Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 VC *

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                            Re: Creative portrait editing help

                            I agree the second shot looks a little too hot/blown out.

                            Further, the eye is instinctively drawn to the brightest part of the image and all that white at the bottom of the shot, is pulling attention away from your subject. If these were my shots I'd probably go with rich, warm, saturated color on the first shot and apply a *very* subtle vignette, maybe a soft matte over the whole image.

                            All that being said, I love the concept and like the shot very much.
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                            ~ Paul
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                            Re: Creative portrait editing help

                            I like the pose and composition a lot. Really well executed. I don't see any pained expression or leaf puncturing her skin, but that's why it's good to get a bunch of opinions. We all see something different. I think I'd go somewhere between the two shots exposure wise. On the top shot I see the slightest bit of a green tint in her hair. I'll say again, great shot!
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                            Woody Green

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                            Re: Creative portrait editing help

                            Great shot and idea BUT the second one is to washed out for my taste. The first one is much better to me. But that being said it is all a matter of personal taste. Which do you like?
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