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    I'm actually liking taking these shots(now that I have started) and now know it's harder than it looks.

    How can this one be improved

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                            Re: Landscapes

                            Nice shot. The only improvement I can suggest is to remove your copyright so I can steal it. Ha! I like it.
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                            Re: Landscapes

                            I'd say an interesting foreground subject, I.e. stump, snag, rock, person, animal would improve an image like this.
                            Maybe a graduated filter for the sky also.

                            Hope I helped!
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                            Re: Landscapes

                            2nd edit I very well done. Nice shot overall. From that vantage point I can't see much to add. Maybe use a graduated filter from the bottom right corner back up at an angle to reduce the shadows on the rocks just slightly. Say a +30 shadows & +10 white & +3 clarity? Bring it up just enough that the fade is reaching the top of the rocks.

                            I've also tried inserting something into the scene in the foreground to balance it a little. Maybe a log or leaves on the water lower left. Doesn't help this one, but maybe next time?
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