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    Global Chip Shortage

    A couple days ago, PetaPixel wrote an article on how the global chip shortage is affecting Sony's production of older model cameras causing them to stop production. Does anyone know if this will affect any of Nikon's cameras?


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    Re: Global Chip Shortage

    €‹€‹€‹€‹€‹€‹---i have looked for a new D50---:-(


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    Re: Global Chip Shortage

    I think the chip shortage is affecting everything, computers, phones, cars and cameras.
    In UK the price of secondhand cars has rocketed over the last year due to the waiting list for new ones.
    One major computer shop are accepting old equipment as trade ins as I heard they are looking for spare parts (I would rather have new parts in any purchase ).
    The company I use most often to buy new lenses and cameras have been showing about 90% out of stock items. Often when I make an enquiry about any item the standard response is they have no idea when it will be in stock again.

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