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    New bag

    Im looking a new bag, must be able to hold Nikon D850, 70/200f2.8, 16/35, 50mm prime and sigma 105macro, and Kase filters. ive looked at a few and like the look of the Manfrotto pro light 3 N 1 36. but would love to hear what you guys would recommend? TIA

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    Re: New bag

    Of you can reach a conclusion on what's the best choice, more power to you!

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    Re: New bag

    For me, a backpack is the most comfortable and practical. The MindShift packs are nice because they open from the back. They are set up with a waist band so you can reverse the bag in front of you to get at your gear. They distribute the weight nicely and are very comfortable.
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    Re: New bag

    Quote Originally Posted by bikeit View Post
    Im looking a new bag, must be able to hold Nikon D850, 70/200f2.8, 16/35, 50mm prime and sigma 105macro, and Kase filters. ive looked at a few and like the look of the Manfrotto pro light 3 N 1 36. but would love to hear what you guys would recommend? TIA
    First off I'll just say that Manfrotto makes a damn good bag, in my experience. I have a Manfrotto Pro 50 backpack that I've had for years and despite some moderate abuse it looks as good as the day I bought it. Manfrotto also makes two smaller versions, the Pro 30 and Pro 20 (which is probably too small for your needs) you might want to look at. Generally speaking I'd say it's hard to go wrong with Manfrotto bag, whichever bag you decide on.
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    Re: New bag

    I really like Think Tank. I have one of there messenger bags that will hold about all that you discribe. It is a retrospective 20 and I would take my D700 griped with the 70-200 f2.8 mounted and a 14-24 2.8 and my 28-75 2.8 if I really needed all that. Normally it was two lenses, one mounted and a speed light along with peripherals. I love the bag. Love it a bit more with the Z6 because it is a bit lighter.

    The bag is 3 years old and looks fine. They do make one size larger and backpacks as well. They have made a believer out of me. The only issue is they are a bit pricey, but I did stop buying bags once I got it so that is an upside and it made my wife happy.

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    Re: New bag

    I have a Lowepro Protactic 450 AW backpack. It is really nice and is holding my D750 w/24-120 1.4 lens mounted, the D7100 w/70-300, the 85mm lense, two flash units, extra batteries, remotes, transmitters, receivers, lightening trigger, etc. I've probably missied a few things like filters, rocket blower... The only negative is you can make it pretty heavy when you get it full. Ha! It is comfortable however when wearing along the photo trail.

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    Re: New bag

    New bag
    I been using a Crumpler 8 Million Dollar for years carrying a D810 with24-70 attached, 70-200mm, 15-30mm, large iPad, my and over the years I have upgraded my gear but still using the same messenger bag for at least 5years.

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    Re: New bag

    I have LOVED my Peak Design Everyday backpack 30L for years since I kickstarted it, recently the Zip broke and they just replaced it free of charge, its nearly 3 years old !! The customer service form peak Design is unrivalled, thats why I keep going back to them.
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    Re: New bag

    I also recommend Think Tank bags - they are solid and a very discrete designs. Many options do not scream 'camera bag'.

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