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    Sirui P-204SR Monopod...

    Up 'til now I have used my two Manfrotto monopods, one larger unit with a ball-head and the other smaller unit without, and after a couple of outings you soon learn the value of these essential kit items. The other day I was in my favourite photography shop buying other items for the hobby when I walked past the tripod/monopod stands and my eye caught sight of the brand name "Sirui" yet again. I'd seen these tri/mono-pods many times in reviews, videos and all sorts of photography magazines lately (over the past year or two) and all I ever got out of them was that this brand is a significantly good brand to invest your money into. I really haven't seen or heard a bad word said against them, tripods or monpods. As I walked toward the door I looked back over my shoulder and saw the P-204SR monopod. I turned around and went over and had a quick look at it and it was very impressive in quality of make and the actual physics of it, but I already have two Manfrotto's,, I really don't want or need another monopod, do I..?? After a couple of days of YouTube'ing and text review reading and pricing up, I knew I was already too far gone to stop myself from buying one, so I headed back in this morning and grabbed one, the aluminium one. The idea of having the carbon fibre one kind of appealed to me but after asking of my brother's opinion (who does a lot of carbon fibre molding and crafting of items and panels etc) he said to me, "You know the downside of carbon fibre, don't you - it's brittleness..!!! Nice and strong and light, sure, but one little mark or crack and it's a gonner - go for the aluminium job". So I killed two birds with one stone,, saving on the cost and getting the preferred one.. Actually there wasn't that much difference in weight between the two of them anyway. In my opinion this would be due to all of the other fittings etc on these monopods which were the same on both models, made of metal etc.. I was particularly impressed with the mini tripod at the foot of the unit, something I've never seen in the flesh before until the past few months, but then again, I simply never went looking for them in the past. The whole P-204 monopod can also be stripped down and rebuilt into many different customized camera holding devices, such as using the tripod alone with the re-positionable adaptors, or replacing the tripod with a point which comes with a few other extras thrown in for good measure. With the P-204 you also get a carry bag that looks annoyingly similar to a small rifle/gun bag - better watch where you carry this in public, you might suddenly find yourself face down on the pavement or dirt, spread eagled and surrounded by the Armed Offenders Squad (just kidding).. The physics of the whole monopod impresses me, no end. Now all I have to do is try it.. I actually wanted to try it out as soon as I got home but I had other more important obligations to tend to, so that's going to have to wait for another day. I'm in no real hurry to try it so it'll happen when it happens.. Cheers...!!!


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    Re: Sirui P-204SR Monopod...

    Good luck with it. It should provide you with lots of use. I came across a Sirui P-224C Carbon Fiber Monopod for a fantastic price, and it's great. Looks like the one you got is heavy for a monopod at 3.3 pounds, but if you don't mind carrying it, no doubt it is very sturdy.
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    Re: Sirui P-204SR Monopod...

    Cheers Hark, I don't do a 'lot' of monopod work but it's nice top have one when you go walk-abouts. My favourite venue was actually a racetrack (cars and bikes) and I have carried cameras (back then it was a D300, then D600,, now D750) and Manfrotto monopod(s) around the track many times. Even though you can see the whole track from a grandstand, actually walking around it soon shows how much longer they are at ground zero. I "almost" got tempted by the carbon fibre unit but as I said, in the end I opted for aluminium instead. Either way, I know from experience than when you decide to walk around armed with only the camera, then you all of a sudden wish you had have brought along a monopod, whether it's ali or fibre, you then realize the value of one. High speed cars and especially bikes, can really test your mettle and you need all the advantage you can take along with you on the day..


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    Re: Sirui P-204SR Monopod...

    One nick and it's a gonner? That explains why these fancy cars, planes and such just fall apart! Me thinks this gentleman was blowing just a "tad" bit of smoke up your skirt. I've had my Sirui P-326 carbon fiber mono-pod for a few years now. And has taken a bit abuse without exploding like a Corvette hitting a wall at 150mph. I went with this one because it weighed half as much as my old aluminum rig I had. I use this as a walking stick as well. I just remove the head. But, the one you bought should certainly hold up well.
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    Re: Sirui P-204SR Monopod...

    You could have a good point about CF. My brother is the kind of person who,, well,, unless it's perfect, it's not good enough. So maybe he gets a bit fussy at times. nayway, I have the monopod, time to enjoy...
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