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    How hot is it where you are?

    There appears to be a lot coverage on our news channels of extreme temperatures in several parts of the Nothern Hemisphere. Here in Scotland we have had several glorious weeks now with the mercury reaching 29c or 84f in the last few days (the typical average for July is 18c or 64f). Now I know you lucky people that live in places like Florida, probably see that as a cool day , but is there anywhere else having unusually high temperatures.

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    Re: How hot is it where you are?

    Right now in southern Florida it's 93 with a feels like of 106. The west coast (CA, WA, etc...) is hotter than us.
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    Re: How hot is it where you are?

    95.5 @ 60% humidity puts the heat index in the 114 range Port St Lucie, Florida
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    Re: How hot is it where you are?

    Washington State, (east side for me) has been very hot, very dry and very miserable with all the smoke in the air from all the fires on all sides of us. Today is going to be over 100. Some of our over night lows have been higher than our average highs. We just got bumped into the worst category for drought, some are even being told when they can and cant use water. Very weird this year, to say the least. In the last couple of months, there have only been a couple days at or barely below average, the rest have all been above average, sometimes by as much as over 40 degrees, reaching 114 degrees back in June, (monthly avg. 74). Dozens and dozens of deaths have been attributed to the heat in our state as well. Without air conditioning, some of these multistory apartments are death traps, especially for the weak or elderly. Fingers crossed, it changes soon!
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    Re: How hot is it where you are?

    €‹€‹€‹€‹€€‹----Heat has been a pain, I am 77 and have to run my AC 24/7 :-(
    How hot is it where you are?-warm.jpg

    €‹€‹€‹€‹-----€‹----I am up in the hill of Eastern Washington. I am a little cooler than
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    Re: How hot is it where you are?

    I live in Florida, way out west in the Panhandle, and we're just starting to get temps in the low-to-mid 90's (F) in the last week. Up until then, our Summer had been quite mild. What people are apt to complain about most around here is the humidity.

    I am not complaining, though; I worked for a while in the Middle East, and I promised that I'd never complain about the heat in Florida again. There were days over there when daybreak would have temps in the near-100 F vicinity, with fog.

    I hope everyone here stays safe form the severe weather in their area.

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    Re: How hot is it where you are?

    I would say but there is a puddle of solder under my digital thermometer right now.
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    Re: How hot is it where you are?

    I live in Pennsylvania and we've already experienced several heat waves (at least 3 or more days with temps at or above 90-degrees F). When the heat index is factored in, many of those days feel like it's above 100-degrees. This entire area is accustomed to getting really hot temps in the summer along with numerous hurricanes (and once in a while a tornado) plus lately during the winters we usually experience at least one storm with snow totals between 10-18" - as well as smaller snow storms. We live within an hour of the New Jersey shore. With that comes storms that are called Nor-easters. They are strong, violently windy storms that can bring hurricanes during warm months and snowy super storms in winter - the ones with heavy, wet snow.
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    Re: How hot is it where you are?

    102 in South Dakota yesterday supposed to be higher today.
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    Re: How hot is it where you are?

    It has been about 55-60F the last few days in Anchorage. A week or so ago it got up to 75F or so and it was unbearable! lol A/C is not much of a thing here, so we have to open windows. It probably was 90 or so inside here, fans help quite a bit. I don't know how some of y'all do it, with actual high temps! Hang in there, and be safe!

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