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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    I am so very sorry, Dan. This is horrible news. Please lean on your friends and family for help. Take care of yourself. I can't imagine how difficult this is, but you have your faith to provide some comfort.

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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    So sorry to hear this and sorry for your loss, Danno.
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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    So sorry to hear about Pat. Remember the good times! You and your family are still in our daily prayers!!

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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    So sorry to hear the bad news about Pat. I can't even begin to understand how you feel.
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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    Please accept my sincere condolences.
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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    Please accept my heartfelt condolences also. I know you take solice in her passing to a better place, but that was still very difficult news to hear. I hope you can take succor in your memories of her.
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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    I'm sorry for your loss Dan.

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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    Sorry to hear about Pat. May time diminish your sorrow and sweeten your memories.

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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    This are sad news. I am so sorry for you. I'm sure she will support you from her new home.
    My prayers for her eternal rest.

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