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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    Thanks for the update, Dan. Healing prayers and warm thoughts sent your way.

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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    God bless Pat and Dan. Our prayers are for you ����
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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    I'm sorry to hear about this Dan. Prayers for Pat, you and the doctors treating her.

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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    Praying for you guys, Get well. Sorry to hear about this.
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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    Hate to Post This...
    Folks, I hate this post more than the other... at least from my selfish nature.

    Pat passed this morning at 1:30AM give or take. The bleed she had damaged the brain stem as well as the brain itself and it could no longer regulate things like blood pressure. I placed her in Hospice about 4:00 PM and I went home about 8:00 since I did not have what I needed to spend the night. The hospital called and told me she passed.

    She was my best friend and confidant and I am a bit lost. Breathing regularly has become a bit difficult. She is home with Jesus our redeemer now. free from any pain and sorrow. I have a few 100 photos of her but I thought that this one was good. She had fun anywhere and she never hid from my lens.

    I will miss her...

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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    I am so sorry to hear this, Dan, as there are no words to convey my sorrow. My heart goes out to you. I am very glad to hear you are a believer as she was. May you feel the presence of our Lord with you.
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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    €‹€‹€‹€‹€‹€‹---Dan, I am so sorry to hear of your loss.


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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    So sorry to hear this sad news Dan , stay strong .

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    Re: Hate to Post This...


    Sorry to hear of your loss!

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    Re: Hate to Post This...

    I'm so very sorry for your loss Dan.

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