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    Holiday Wish List 2019

    So what's on your holiday wish list this year?

    The holidays are approaching and Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials will be available soon!

    I see the Nikon D750 is being offered for a low price of $1196.95 (new body) right now - I am very tempted to get another one because I do prefer the D750 over my D610. It makes me wonder if the price will go any lower for Black Friday though. And a Godox AD200pro would be nice to unwrap on Christmas morning.

    What would you like to receive this year?

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    Re: Holiday Wish List 2019

    Fun topic!

    The budget is pretty tight at Dangerhouse, but if Santa's listening I sure could use a long lens for my BIF dreams...and a D500 to stick it on

    BTW Cindy, in my newscasts this morning one of my stories has been WalMart's Black Friday event starting tomorrow. Looks like it's online only, but you might want to check it out and see if they have anything on your list
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    Re: Holiday Wish List 2019

    Santa already called here in the North. I guess because we are closer to his home. 15 days in Costa Rica in January 2020 covering both coasts, Rain Forest and Cloud Forest. Having trouble with waiting
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    Re: Holiday Wish List 2019

    Depending on Nikons launch date and if they supply my local dealer in time Z50 twin lens kit.
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    Re: Holiday Wish List 2019

    Hi guys , we are of to New Zealand for Christmas and New Year to see my daughter and my ( by that time ) brand new granddaughter , my wish is they are both perfect , although thinking about a teleconverter for the whale watching trip
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    Re: Holiday Wish List 2019

    As a Kiwi you will love whale watching in Kaikora. The tour operators use a hydrophone to get you close to a breaching whale. Not cheap but a great experience with lots of photo opportunites.....don't mess around in the North Island too much the South Island is far more scenic, mountain ranges, lakes etc. You won't need a teleconverter. a 70-300 will do the job.
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    Re: Holiday Wish List 2019

    Hi we are staying in Christchurch , we have been on the trip before , prob 6 years ago , I agre with you itís a great set up , I think now I have the kit to get the shots I hoped for last time but was a little disappointed , Iím ready for it , just hope the weather is kind Iím NOT the best sailor

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    Re: Holiday Wish List 2019

    My list is pretty reasonable, I think:

    • A Godox V1 would be nice. I don't need one, but it would be fun to play with.
    • A couple Peak Design tripod-plates (the only ones I've found that securely "bite" my D850).
    • A Manfrotto Super Clamp or two (which I could really, really use but never seem to get around to buying).
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    Re: Holiday Wish List 2019

    A D850 or Z7 to replace the D800?
    I'm very undecided...
    Both would complement the D500 very well.

    And quite possibly a 3 day landscape workshop on the Aletsch glacier to get more experience on both photography and alpine environment.

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