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    Monopods with feet

    Does a mono-pod with feet actually work in tight situations. Can I use one for video or slow shutter speeds. I have several good tripods but I am wondering if a mono pod with feet would be a worth while investment for crowded or tight spaces.

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    Re: Monopods with feet

    I purchased and ultimately returned the Sirui P-326S. Impressive for what it was but way too heavy. For that weight, I'd just bring a real tripod.
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    Re: Monopods with feet

    The only reason my monopod has feet is because it has a fluid base. So it makes video panning smooth.
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    Re: Monopods with feet

    Take a look at this discussion, grandpaw. @Moab Man had some good input. Maybe he will be able to elaborate for your specific situation and also give you an idea of the weight with feet.

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