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    Re: Web sites for postcard printing

    Quote Originally Posted by Just-Clayton View Post
    i always use vista print. If you watch the prices, I have been able to get them for around 5 cents each
    Thanks! I will keep watch.

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    Re: Web sites for postcard printing

    Quote Originally Posted by hark View Post
    My church started something new for 2017. They split up the names from the member directory into several lists and asked congregants to pray for one another. They also said we could send notes out to the people on our lists to let them know. So I sent a note card to each of my people and enclosed one of my church photos. I received such a positive response that last week I took a snow photo of the church, printed it as postcards, then donated all of them to the church today. This way others can send out photos.

    This was my first time doing postcards. Perhaps I should have kept one as a memento, but there are so many people who could use them more than I. Like I said, I won't hesitate to place another order. The quality of the heavier weight was more substantial than most postcards I've seen in souvenir shops.
    That is a nice idea.

    I do local photos of my town that people love. The postcard idea is pretty nice. I may explore that idea.
    That is what I love about this forum. There are so many creative people that if you pay attention you can get some really great ideas.
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