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    Goodbye everyone.

    There have been some posts recently that have made me reconsider using this forum & I've now decided to leave. That you to everyone who helped me to start-up after my 30 year break. I will of course continue to enjoy my photography skills & wish everyone the best of luck.


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    Re: Bye!

    Sorry to hear that,its a pity you didn't leave any clue as which posts have made you arrive at this decision,i know i should be able to place you from looking at your post history but i cant.
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    Re: Bye!

    What's going on? It isn't difficult to figure out who you are (came across one of your posts where someone included your user name). Sorry to hear you are leaving.
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    Re: Bye!

    You can see a user's user name history in their profile.

    Surprising to me. Have not noticed any untoward stuff, so is a mystery.
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    Re: Bye!

    Hey, even I have left once or twice. Hopefully they'll be back. If not, happy shooting.

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    Re: Bye!

    As a regular participant of this forum, I haven't seen anything that I would consider close to rude or offensive in any post I've viewed. I might not agree with everyone, but that's a good thing. If I ever leave the group, it won't be anonymously.
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    Re: Bye!

    There is a lot of repartee in most of the forums, and I believe that is one of the perils of free speech. You have to take both the praise and criticism as it comes, that is life. You cannot run away every time you feel slighted. Very soon there will be no place to go.
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    Re: Bye!

    I have worked out who it is, and also read a thread which appears to have upset the member - All I can say is it is a shame you have taken some other members thoughts so personally, and hopefully you will maybe come back after some time away to cool.

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    Re: Bye!

    I have absolutely no clue why "Deleted" aka "Gorf" left the Forum. Whatever his reasons are, I hope that he's not leaving us with an unresolved grudge against anyone of us.

    I just hope that he didn't leave because his shots were not praised as much as he wished they'd be. Discussion Forums can be a hard place for a fragile ego.

    But maybe he's switched brands and felt he didn't belong here but I guess we will never know. I just find it a bit rude not to explain his reasons to leave, but that's just my ego speaking.

    I can only wish him well,but I guess since he's left he'll never know that.
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    Re: Bye!

    Is this about my criticism upon stock photography? There was nothing personal to it, it was purely about stockploitation.

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