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    Hello from Michigan

    Hello from Michigan
    Hi everyone. i am back into photography after many years of just fooling around with point and shoot cameras. my friend Bill in Annapolis got me interested in a serious digital camera when we were visiting and i was bragging about the fantastic camera in my Samsung phone. He invited me to take some pix of hummingbirds at his feeder. I was humbled at what great shots he got with his nice Canon something or other and what grey blobs I got with my phone. He offered me one of his Canon bodies but none of my Dad's (he was a pro) Canon lenses would fit the Canon body. After some research i discovered that Dad's old Nikon lenses that I had enjoyed on his old Nikkormat would work fine on a Nikon DSLR. So I found a nice D7100 with a 10-200mm zoom lens on Ebay. Got a new Sigma 150-600 Contemporary for my birthday and have enjoyed covering my granddaughter's sports career and learning about birds and bird photography photography.

    I love my new camera and am back in the photography game.
    Hello from Michigan-hummer-flash_02.jpg

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    Re: Hello from Michigan

    Welcome aboard @DrJ be sure to check out the weekly and monthly challenges, a fun way to interact on the site!
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    Re: Hello from Michigan

    Woody Green

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    Re: Hello from Michigan

    Welcome aboard, enjoy the ride. We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.

    OH! By the way! Will I get 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 posting credits for this listing? I have no idea and will have to wait and see!
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    Re: Hello from Michigan

    Welcome! DrJ. I was a MI resident twenty-some years ago, now a Nor Cal. Still miss the (cold) life there.

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    Re: Hello from Michigan


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    Re: Hello from Michigan

    Welcome and Hello from across the lake. I hope we don't have any problems during football/basketball seasons.

    I had a comparable photo gear journey 20 years ago. I went from having shooting a vintage Minolta film SLR to a couple of Nikon Coolpix digicams. But discovering the slow speeds was limiting me, I bought into a new Nikon D80 and a series of upgrades in the 15 years since.

    To this day I cannot take a steady cellphone camera shot but no issue to me with a real camera.
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    Re: Hello from Michigan

    Hey, welcome DrJ! That was quite a story. Looking forwards to seeing how you put that gear to good use now, especially sports photos with that great Sigma lens!

    I do have a question about that hummingbird picture you posted here. The EXIF data shows you shot it at 1/160th of a second at ISO 160. Is that correct? When I shoot hummingbirds in flight, anything less that 1/2000th shutter speed results in significant wing blur. To me, 1/160th of a second is almost unimaginable! That's extremely well done if those numbers are accurate!
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    Re: Hello from Michigan


    You might want to start a 365/daily thread here
    - https://nikonites.com/project-365-and-daily-photos/

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    Re: Hello from Michigan

    The Exif data is correct. I used my Godox flash to light the scene. manual mode, remote trigger i/16th power. Set the flash up about 6 ft from the feeder and set the camera up about 15 ft behind the flash gun. I focused manually on the feeder perch and waited for the bird to approach. f11 gave me a little depth of field and the short flash duration froze the motion. That was my first attempt using the flash. On the downside, I think the flash may have spooked her a little as i didn't see her for a day or two after my capture.
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