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    Hello from Berlin

    Hi, I'm Piero, from the UK but living in Berlin for the past few years. I'm here for some help with my D7000 (although to be honest it is probably beyond repair thanks to my actions) although I hope to contribute to the discussions too. Thanks for having me

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    Re: Hello from Berlin

    Welcome aboard!!!
    I wish you enjoy this great group!!!

    Enviado desde mi RMX1931 mediante Tapatalk
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    "Bad times, hard times — this what people keep saying. But let us live well and times shall be good. Such as we are, such are the times." — Saint Augustine

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    Re: Hello from Berlin


    Lots of resourceful members here, search well and don't be afraid to ask on needed repairs we also have a sub forum for the D7000.

    All the best and enjoy the site!
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    Re: Hello from Berlin


    Guidelines to adding a photo to your post.

    1. Resize photo to 1000px on the long side.
    2. Resolution set to 72ppi (Pixels Per Inch)

    These guidelines will be good for viewing on a computer but will not be good for printing. This will help safeguard your copyright.
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    Re: Hello from Berlin

    Welcome aboard, enjoy the ride. We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.
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    Brent: Poway, CA
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    Re: Hello from Berlin

    Thank you all for the friendly welcome.

    Quote Originally Posted by nikonbill View Post
    Welcome!don't be afraid to ask on needed repairs
    Unfortunately I accidentally destroyed one of those flat connection points on the PCB. I'm fairly handy with a soldering iron but those tiny connections would be beyond my skill level I did already put a 'wanted ad' up just in case anyone has the part I need...
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    Re: Hello from Berlin

    Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing some of your photos!
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    Re: Hello from Berlin

    hello and welcome.
    Learn to laugh at yourself, everyone else is.
    Z6ii, D500, D7000. SB700.

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    Re: Hello from Berlin

    Welcome to the show. This is a good place.

    "The natural man must know in order to believe; The spiritual man must believe in order to know. " ~ Aiden Wilson Tozer ~ "The Dwelling Place of God"

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