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    Going to need help...

    Hello all. I'm in the process of trying to figure this whole camera thing out. Will be buying my fiancé a new camera as a first mothers day gift (little boy due in June!) and I'm a bit overwhelmed with options at the moment. My research so far has led me to probably purchase something in the DX line... probably either the 5600 or 7500. She'll be new to photography but I want something she can "grow into".

    Initially it'll be used to take 1,000,000 pictures of the new baby I'm sure but I know she's expressed interest in landscape photography as well. Any recommendations on what lenses would be good to start with? Probably more general purpose to start... something good for baby pictures around the house. Also something to get into the landscape stuff. Not super concerned about price but don't want to buy something I don't need either

    Thanks in advance! (and if this is the wrong place to post this let me know)

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    Re: Going to need help...

    Welcome aboard and congrats on the baby. I'm a little hesitant to advise on camera bodies since I'm a few generations removed from the latest and greatest. I grew into photography much the same way you say your fiance is with a baby on the way. As I developed I found my priorities were with faster better IQ (image quality) lenses and better dynamic range and ISO performance as far as bodies. I'm not sure how the 5600 and 7500 stack up to each other in the dynamic range and ISO but I would opt for the better of the two if the gap is significant. I would also opt for the model that ergonomically felt better and had more controls at my finger tips rather than having to menu dive.

    As for glass (lenses) if I had to do it over again I would have skipped the intro level lenses. They worked sufficiently but I craved the faster aperture and better IQ of the more prosumer and pro lenses.

    That being said, I would say the most important thing to learn is how the camera operates and how to best utilize the exposure triangle (shutter speed, aperture and ISO). Having a good understanding of that and applying it to the equipment you have is just as important in my book.

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    Re: Going to need help...


    Congratulations on the upcoming birth!

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    Re: Going to need help...

    Based on what you have said, I would go with the D7500 assuming, as you said, photography is something that she would like to grow into and develop. And if all else fails, the camera has a full auto capability (green camera symbol on the top left dial).

    From there, PapaST is 100% correct. Buy the best glass you can afford. Nikon brand is expensive, Tamron and Sigma have really tied up the quality difference and in a few places exceed Nikon but for a whole chunk of money less.

    A good comparison: Nikon D5600 vs Nikon D7500 Detailed Comparison

    Finally, after she has her camera, have her join Nikonites as there are a lot of great people to help her out as she learns.
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    Re: Going to need help...

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.
    We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your fiancé's work.

    For about $250 less, you might want to look into the D7200. Many on this site consider it superior to the D7500 in many ways.
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    Re: Going to need help...

    My suggestion is for the D7500, too. It's a much better body that will allow her more room to grow. Many setting changes can be easily made because the D7x00 series uses both the menu as well as a button and wheel to make quick changes. I *think* the D5x00 mostly goes through the menu for setting changes. That takes longer.

    The D7500 will accept the older AF and AF-D lenses that lack AF motors. That means the body will focus both manually as well as with the autofocus when using those lenses. The D5x00 will accept autofocus lenses that lack AF motors but will only focus manually. And there are a lot of older lenses that are still quite good to use.

    The D7500 weighs more, but a good strap will do wonders for that. And some companies make waist holsters to carry cameras/lenses such as Think Tank. Their holster system uses a belt, and each holster case can attach to the belt.

    The D7500 only has one card slot (not sure about the D5600). The D7200 that Brent mentioned has 2 card slots. That way one card can be assigned as a backup just in case the primary card become corrupt (no lost images).

    Good luck with whatever you choose. No doubt she will be pleased with either body.
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    Re: Going to need help...

    First off Welcome to the forum. I would suggest the D7200 over the D7500 for the 2 cards vs the 1 card. Also the difference in cost would be better spent on better glass.
    I would suggest getting an all around lens to start with. Something like the Nikon 18-140. This gives you lots of freedom when you are shooting. You can add lenses as you grow and know more what you are doing.
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    Re: Going to need help...

    Welcome to the forum! I really like the DX 18-140 Don mentioned on my 7200. It's a great all around lens. If you're not too concerned about price, and if she is going to mostly use this for portrait and landscape, you may want to consider a full frame.
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    Re: Going to need help...

    Thanks for the replies guys! I have plenty of time to keep digging in and educating myself before Mothers Day and this give me some direction. I'm still figuring out what all the specs mean and how they'll apply to what she wants to do. I'm definitely going to recommend she joins this group once she has her new toy!

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    Re: Going to need help...

    Thanks Andy. For the uninitiated (me!) what is the big advantage of a full frame? Whatever I end up with I want it to be pretty flexible or as close to "all purpose" as it can be. But I also don't want something that is overly complicated to start out with as she has zero experience with a DSLR at this point.

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