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    Cool Hello Everyone! New To The Forum

    My name is Nicholas and I live in Ventura, California love photography my number one hobby, but after several decades of film, digital, and 8x10 large format field cameras. I must bid farewell to this most satisfying art I had the opportunity of being involved in. My diabetes has gotten worse over the years that it has severely impacted my sight - even with auto focus to no avail.

    So life goes on. Anyway I am selling my Nikon prime and pro-consumer lenses which I will post in the classifieds. Thank You and Merry Christmas to All!

    Thank You,


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    Re: Hello Everyone! New To The Forum

    Sorry to hear about your condition. Also will keep you in our thoughts with the wildfire in your area.
    Brent: Poway, CA
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    Re: Hello Everyone! New To The Forum

    Thank you, Brent.

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    Re: Hello Everyone! New To The Forum

    Sorry to hear you must leave the hobby. I am all too familiar with what diabetes does to the body.
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    Um yeahhhh, I shoot a lot of pics of my dogs.
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    Re: Hello Everyone! New To The Forum

    Howdy and welcome to Nikonites, Nicholas. Sorry to hear about your health. I hope you do find another outlet to channel your creative energy into.

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    Re: Hello Everyone! New To The Forum

    Welcome to the forum Nicholas. Sorry to hear you had to give up photography. It can be difficult when faced with life-changing events. I pray you can find another outlet for your creativity. I hope you can stick around here. Sounds like you have some interesting experience you could share.

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