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    Re: September 2022 Theme: School

    The month is 2/3 gone! Get your photos in.

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    Re: September 2022 Theme: School

    60th high school reunion, class 1962

    September 2022 Theme: School-710_1669.jpg
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    Re: September 2022 Theme: School

    September 2022 Theme: School
    September 2022 Theme: School-roy_7588.jpg
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    Re: September 2022 Theme: School

    I've been really busy this month and doubt I will have time to submit something myself, but here are a few suggestions. And remember ... it isn't too late to post something.

    If you have a sheet of paper (blank or lined), you can write out a math problem - include pertinent objects such as a ruler, pencil, or eraser. Or choose some words and create a list of spelling words, or create a homework assignment such as using the words in their own sentences. Do you have some glue and construction paper? Create an art project to photograph. Do you have a history book? Open it up and include a sheet of paper with a homework assignment written across the top. Do you have a protractor? A Texas Instruments calculator? There are ways to replicate school pics using things you have at home.
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