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    December 2018 Theme: Something New

    "Something New" This can be something that you have purchased, seen, someone else has acquired, etc. It just has to be "NEW".

    How you create it is up to you. The idea is to challenge you to think outside of the box. Be creative and artistic for this one. Set it up, stage it, enhance it in post processing, or just get lucky. Your creativity is limited only by your imagination.


    There ya go, let's get shooting! CREATIVITY/TECHNIQUE rules in this challenge, but there are a few guidelines:

    1. Any photo submitted for a monthly assignment must be taken using a Nikon Camera!

    2. All submissions must be taken during the month specified in the assignment thread and taken by YOU! (Please insure that EXIF is either posted with the photo or if it gets messed up, hold yourself to the honor system and add the minimum Exif data of the Camera used and the date the photo was taken to your post)

    3. Obviously, for this challenge, your photo must be "Something New"
    . Other than that, it's all up to your interpretation of the theme. Any photo will be accepted, SOOC or edited, doesn't matter.

    4. Photos must be posted in this thread to be considered. Links to photos will not be considered an entry (In other words, no Flikr, Photobucket, or similar links)

    5. Only THREE entries per member for each assignment. Please post entries separately (1 photo per post) and number the entry.

    6. Entries will be judged by the number of likes received.

    7. The top 5 shots will be displayed in a separate thread, and will be displayed in no particular order.

    8. This is intended to be a FUN challenge. No critiques unless specifically asked. Also, please limit posts to just photos and brief descriptions/titles. Any comments/discussion should occur elsewhere, PLEASE.

    As listed in other challenges, please note: NO CASH OR PRIZES will be awarded for this Monthly Assignment.

    HAVE FUN, can't wait to see the results!

    *To clarify times for start and finish of the assignment, it is 0000 UTC/GMT similar to the weekly challenges.

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    Re: December 2018 Theme: Something New

    December 2018 Theme: Something New
    #1: Barcelona

    I've never been to Barcelona before, so there are plenty of new things I've not seen. First, the Port Vell Aerial Tramway.

    December 2018 Theme: Something New-dsc_7789.jpg
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    Re: December 2018 Theme: Something New

    December 2018 Theme: Something New
    #2: A busker playing the Cure in an ancient park

    This guy was playing Cure cover songs in Park GŁell in Barcelona, which is home to medieval ruins.

    December 2018 Theme: Something New-dsc_7890.jpg
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    Re: December 2018 Theme: Something New

    December 2018 Theme: Something New-something-new-004.jpg

    Santa has a gift for you
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    Re: December 2018 Theme: Something New

    December 2018 Theme: Something New
    New day at Cleethorpes

    December 2018 Theme: Something New-mik_0214.jpg
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