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    New Forum Announcement: Nikon Mirrorless!

    Hey everyone. We've started a new Forum dedicated to Nikon Mirrorless dedicated to the Nikon 1 cameras (and anything that follows). I'm happy to be the first mod.

    So how did I get this honor? I've been researching them for a while and haven't been 100% happy with my micro 4/3'rds setup. So why would someone with a great camera (my D300) care about the Nikon 1? I can't be the only one that has situations where bringing my DSLR is inappropriate, right? I travel for work and often times would be stopped entering a client site with a DSLR. But having a mirrorless setup is unobtrusive.

    Most importantly, I'm the first mod because I won an eBay auction for a V1 with the 10-30 and 30-110 VR lenses yesterday! I should receive them in a few days so I'll be sharing my discoveries along the way!

    New Forum Announcement: Nikon Mirrorless!-pic_110921_10.jpgNew Forum Announcement: Nikon Mirrorless!-pic_110921_11.jpg

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    Re: New Forum Announcement: Nikon Mirrorless!

    Exciting news Ed!!! I'm really looking forward to hearing from you on this system. Thanks very much for getting things rolling! I have a feeling you're going to begin a new wave of NAS throughout Nikonites!

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    Re: New Forum Announcement: Nikon Mirrorless!

    I shoot the D800E and the D810. My presently longest lens is a Nikkor 300mm f/4 prime. I do have the latest TC 1.4 III but I do not use it since I get better image quality cropping images from the D800E with the Nikkor 300.
    I hesitate to buy and carry a Nikkor 600mm lens for occasional birding.

    I believe that Nikon 1 would have a market as a bird and sports camera if it had a better image sensor. The image quality from a Nikon 1 should equal or surpass that from a D810 cropped by 2.7.
    If this can not be achieved I would like to suggest a Nikon 2 based on a 4/3 sensor. Again, the image quality from a Nikon 2 should equal or surpass that from a D810 cropped by 2.0.
    A Nikon 2 equipped with a 300mm lens equaling the image quality of a D810 with a 600mm lens would be a given for birders and sports photographers.

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