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    None Nikon lenses on the Z series

    Any one using none Nikon lenses via the adapter on a Z camera, if so which ones and how well or not does the AF and stabilising work

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    Re: None Nikon lenses on the Z series

    Almost any modern 3rd party lens either will work or can be firmware updated to work on a Z body. Of my main kit, the only non-Nikon lens is the Tamron 15-30 2.8 G2 which was easy to update last fall when a firmware update was released by Tamron. Sigma and Tokina don't seem to need updating and all the current Tamron have been updated last winter. I have a couple Sigma ART lenses that worked well, like their 50mm 1.4 ART. It is not in my regular kit because I have the excellent 50mm 1.8 S native lens for the Z mount. One of the real long term benefits of the Z system is native S lenses are all excellent, light and sharper than their F mount FL equivalents. Having legacy F mount glass is a good way to get into mirrorless for the least investment but you will want to take full advantage of the Z mount potential by getting S glass at least for your most critical focal length.

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