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    Re: Nikon 1 AW2

    I have the AW1 and love it.

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    Re: Nikon 1 AW2

    Bought one yesterday, so far so good does what I want and shots RAW.
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    Re: Nikon 1 AW2

    If you want the Nikon 1 AW2 to come out next week, and me the money to purchase the AW1 now. That would nearly guarantee a new and improved version's arrival!!

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    Re: Nikon 1 AW2

    Buy the FT1 adapter and use any Nikon lens you like (not in water though)

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    Re: Nikon 1 AW2

    Any update on a possible Nikon AW2 release date?

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    Re: Nikon 1 AW2

    Quote Originally Posted by gnar View Post
    I almost bought it too. But its so old, it could do more with a modern sensor. Also only 2 lenses suck. The 11mm 2.8 is fine but the zoom is just to dark, I lose the advantages of the big sensor if I have to use higher ISOs to compensate for that aperture values of this lens.
    Ummmmmmm, it's smaller than micro 4/3 and that one is already small. I do agree than its well overdue for an update, or heck, something with at least DX sensor would be more than welcome!
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    Re: Nikon 1 AW2

    AW2 would be great, would also love a watertight 70-200 f4 and of course a bigger sensor. To bad its more of a niche product.

    Maybe I should get a Sony 6000 and a hard underwater case, but that still wouldn't fit with a larger tele lens.
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