Been playing around with flash modifiers and contraptions to get the light where I want it for macro photography.
Have tried the DIY Pringles Can (try it - worst case outcome is an increase in caloric consumption of 'potato' chips).
I did snoots with deflectors on the end. And a side arm bracket that worked but ... then I remembered a forgot 'must have" purchase I made a while back - a Newton Flash Bracket.

Off Camera Flash for Macro-newton-macro-flash-dsc_4556-1.jpg

B&H has them but special order:

I then added a a ball head style umbrella / flash bracket

Off Camera Flash for Macro-ball-head-dsc_4547-1.jpg

This allows me to mount the flash any which way I want - including straight out. The top image give the idea.
The bracket allows for portrait or landscape, and I found I could rotate the flash from straight up to straight out the one side - or any point in between ( in clock terms it could be at 12 or 3 or in between). Of course with the flash on a ball joint it can be moved to any angle and the head of the flash also turns and I'm using a bendable "Aurora Lightbank" flash bender to give direction to the flash. I put the diffuser - I should experiment with it on and off - and maybe even with a grid on the flash.

FYI I'm using a Godox TT350 (Canadian rebranded by Studiopro as the X35). It is a light weight flash - two AA batteries. But for macro work I found that I didn't even need it a 1/4 power. Cheap and good - what's not to like about this flash. I have larger flashes (and a smaller one if you count the Nikon SB400) - I went with light weight. I mounted a Godox X1 radio transmitter on the camera to control the flash.

Off Camera Flash for Macro-newton-macro-flash-bracket-dsc_4561-1.jpg

I also put a brass grip on the bottom - because I had one and it was very handy grip to have. It has to be unscrewed to set the rig down in the upright position as is shown above.

I was very happy with how it handled and went out to take a few sample backyard shots.
I was playing around with manual settings - to lots of trial and many errors - be kind I'm not really that proficient with OCF al a manual mode. Didn't bring out the light meter to see what I should use - and played with HSS just for fun. I wanted to see what the flash would do. It was not dark out - but late evening sun. I was using a Nkkor AF-D 105 - no extensions tubes or magnification filter.

Off Camera Flash for Macro-daddy-long-legs-dsc_4614-1.jpgOff Camera Flash for Macro-dsc_4622-1.jpgOff Camera Flash for Macro-spider-supper-dsc_4610-1.jpgOff Camera Flash for Macro-straw-flower-dsc_4612-1.jpg

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