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    Your pick please

    Your pick please
    I had my Milky Way shot processed to three versions. Please pick one that you deem the best (of the three) and provide your points. To avoid bias, I'll not disclose the different programs used for the three versions until later. Thanks
    Your pick please-2020-08-09_22-12-54-dt-s.jpg

    Your pick please-2020-08-09_22-12-54-nik-s.jpg

    Your pick please-2020-08-09_22-12-54-aurora-s.jpg

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    Re: Your pick please

    I like #2. I like it because of the fact we have visible foreground instead of pure silhouette. But I do not like the moire among the trees. The silhouette of #3 in particular reads as "black T-shirt won at a carnival" to me. Number 1 is alright and looks a lot like what Sequator does with the light-pollution filter set to "aggressive".

    If the trees had been light-painted with a flashlight for a couple of frames, you could have set that as a base image and processed for #2's sky. That would be a winner.
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    Re: Your pick please

    I would like to see the #3 Milky Way with the #2 foreground. I know I'm difficult!
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    Re: Your pick please

    €‹€‹€‹€‹€‹€‹ #2 - bright spot did not over power the shot.
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    Re: Your pick please

    Thanks, BF. Like the fact you point out that the foreground is a little visible for good in #2 ( doesn't mean I like #2 the most) but the moire is kind bad. Also, like the idea of light-painting. Maybe for my next field experiment.

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    Re: Your pick please

    Thanks, Brent. I know you are a little too much? But I'll try to think up some idea or take you guys idea to make it?

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    Re: Your pick please

    Thanks, Nikonpup. I guess not so many people appreciate #3's brightening sky by the MW. (except Brent?) But I have to wonder if the vividness and bright colors in #3 are easy to achieve by using photo processors?

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    Re: Your pick please

    #2 The planet/star to the left's intensity appears more realistic. You might try just light painting just the foreground and not the trees also. Don't brighten more than the sky
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    Re: Your pick please

    For some reason I'm having trouble liking any of them. But since I am not familiar with post processing Milky Way images, I'm not sure why. I think it has to do with the stars. They seem to be far too bright and larger than I've seen with other Milky Way photos. And that takes my eye away from the true subject which is the Milky Way.

    Plus there is too much foreground and not enough of the Milky Way. But keep at it! You've reached the point where the real learning takes place.
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    Re: Your pick please

    I like number 2 as well, but I think you could paint the foreground and get rid of some noise. I would not touch the trees either; they look good just that portion below to the edge of the trees.

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