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    Re: Post your Firework Photos

    Quote Originally Posted by cwgrizz View Post
    Lots of great shots posted. I did notice that no two seemed to have the same shutter speed even though ISO and aperture were the same. My question to anyone who posted here, are you using a cable release and a bulb shutter speed set? Hold the shutter open as long as there is "sparkles" in the air and then close it. I am assuming that is why the various shutter speeds.

    I have to admit that I was too lazy to travel the 30 miles to try my hand at fireworks shots.
    I also used bulb and a cable release. I tried using a set 4-8 second shutter release before, and it just didn't work.


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    Re: Post your Firework Photos

    Post your Firework Photos
    Post your Firework Photos-untitled-3-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-9-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-10-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-20-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-21-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-23-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-24-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-27-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-39-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-40-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-52-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-53-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-59-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-62-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-63-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-75-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-87-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-94-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-95-151-.jpgPost your Firework Photos-untitled-97-151-.jpg
    I got stuck way too close and had to use a 10mm Roko. It turned out ok but the Zeiss 35mm f/2 Distagon is much better lens. Next Corn Festival I will be better prepared and secure a better spot.

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    Re: Post your Firework Photos

    Quote Originally Posted by Krs_2007 View Post
    I did last year and got light pollution from street lights along the bottom of the image, so tried to avoid that, it didn't work like I expected. I knew better but tried it anyway.
    Your 24-85 and 18-35 are what you want. If you look towards the end of the thread I got stuck very close to the show and the only thing that saved me from my decision to just shoot with a 35 or 58mm was me throwing the 10mm Rokonin in the bag because I had room. In the future all I'll have is a 10mm Roko, 20mm f/1.8, 28mm voightlander, and Zeiss 35mm f/2. I shot a fourth with a 80-400G and ending up having to go back 6 blocks and missed half the show.

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    Re: Post your Firework Photos

    Thought I would wake up this thread for those of you that took firework shots.

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    Re: Post your Firework Photos

    Post your Firework Photos
    These were 500 gram cakes.

    Post your Firework Photos-untitled-shoot-5130.jpg

    Post your Firework Photos-untitled-shoot-5132.jpg

    Post your Firework Photos-untitled-shoot-5136.jpg

    Post your Firework Photos-untitled-shoot-5142.jpg

    Post your Firework Photos-untitled-shoot-5149.jpg

    Post your Firework Photos-untitled-shoot-5154.jpg

    Post your Firework Photos-untitled-shoot-5155.jpg
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    Re: Post your Firework Photos

    I have to wait till Sunday. Our town is having a fest July 4th - July 7th and is ending the fest with Fireworks. I'm going to be on a roof top shooting over roof tops about a 1/2 mile away. Did it last year and didn't turn out that bad

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