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    Post Your "Tree People" Pictures

    Post Your "Tree People" Pictures
    Didn't see a thread for this, so I started one. Moderators, if this is in the wrong place could you move it please and let me know what I did wrong? Thanks, Andy

    I see these things from time to time, and they always make me smile. You REALLY have to be looking for them because they don't move, and they don't make any sounds. But when you DO find one, look around 'cause there just might be more. They're also sometimes known as "Spirit People".

    Post Your "Tree People" Pictures-tree-person-1.jpg

    Post Your "Tree People" Pictures-tree-person-2.jpg

    Post Your "Tree People" Pictures-tree-person-3.jpg

    Post Your "Tree People" Pictures-tree-person-4.jpg

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    Pictures from 1966-1970 during my time in the Army. Not much storage space, necessitated SEVERELY reduced file sizes so I could fit them all on the site.

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