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    Re: Post your Train shots!

    Post your Train shots!
    Taken On The Lickey Incline (Thats Between Birmingham & Worcester; UK) about 6 years ago for OUR oversee's friends
    Must say i love those Shots of the American RailRoad Engines
    Post your Train shots!-dsc_0067.jpg
    Post your Train shots!-dsc_0052.jpg

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    Re: Post your Train shots!

    My Dad built a basement darkroom for my middle brother and I was able to use it too when I was old enough. My Dad was skilled at home handywork, and the darkroom had running hot and cold water, a large sink, Formica countertops, full electrical and even a red light outside so that people would know not to enter when it was on. My brother added an FM stereo radio he found in someone's trash. It had tubes which glowed, so we had to use it with care.

    We did b&w only, but did a lot of it. The darkroom got a ton of use over the years. When I'm done with my slide scanning, I'm looking forward to working through my b&w negatives.

    Isn't it neat that when you smell anything that resembles darkroom chemicals, you're instantly transported back to those days in the darkroom?
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    Re: Post your Train shots!

    Wow great memories Sandpatch. My darkroom was nothing to compare to yours. It is funny how smells can bring you back in time. When I smell dill, I'm back at grandma's house. When I smell hot brakes I'm trying to slow enough for turn 12 at Nelson Ledges.
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    Re: Post your Train shots!

    Post your Train shots!
    From July 1989, NKP chuffs west from Asheville, NC during the National Railway Historical Society's annual meet.

    Post your Train shots!-1989-07-21-004-asheville-nc-upload.jpg
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    Re: Post your Train shots!

    Post your Train shots!
    As seen in the above slide, NKP 587 took its train west from Asheville to Bulls Gap, TN and return. Following it, the first slide below is south of Marshall, NC crossing the French Broad and the second shot is at Newport, TN crossing the Pigeon River.

    Post your Train shots!-1989-07-21-001-ivy-south-marshall-nc-upload.jpg

    Post your Train shots!-1989-07-21-001-newport-tn-upload.jpg
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