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    i got pulled up again

    waiting on the kids coming out of the tudors house i was spending 10 mins at a park, shooting at flowers and the sunset.
    Walking back to the car a lady approached me and demanded to know my name and why was i shooting at young boys,
    i said excuse me, what young boys was i shooting at,
    the ones in the baseball field, i stood here and watched you.
    So i said are you accusing me of something i didnt do, i then showed her the pics i had taken and said, so where are the young boys that you said i took,
    oh i thought you took pics of the boys.
    I said no you accused me and maybe you should ask before accusing people in future.
    She got in her car and left.

    This was my second time, anyone else get this sort of hassle, BTW i had my 18-105 on, might have thought different if it was the 500mm.

    one of the reason i do not shoot people.

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    Re: i got pulled up again

    Never encountered but I get strange looks all the time. Mostly from cheer moms when they see me taking pictures of their daughters. But everyone eventually finds out who I am. I will say this is a primary reason why I donít take on jobs for a parent that wants me to come to a location and only take pics of their kid. Society is a different beast these days, so maybe get a vest or something that reflects that you are there for a reason. I get so many looks when I go on a random photo walk, I just smile and waive, never confront because I have the proof. But you are on the left of the US, no offense.

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    Re: i got pulled up again

    Good grief, Roy.

    Anybody lady stupid enough to confront a man in a park is asking for trouble. She is a nut, but at least she didn't go get a cop. Doesn't matter if you are in a left, right or purple state. Nut-jobs are everywhere and aren't limited by their affiliation. Assuming that is what was meant. If not, then I don't get it, and I apologize.

    Don't make assumptions about me based on this. I also politely jumped an ass on FB for saying something about typical pro-gun Texas loving the fact that a kid got shot in school the other day. I just don't care for making assumptions like that.

    Sorry that happened to you.
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    Re: i got pulled up again

    I suppose most cameras live in a drawer at home since when out shooting, or just out and about, I've never seen anyone with a camera. A real camera, not a cell phone. The cell phone cameras really make you stand out if you have a dedicated camera.

    I take it back--- I did see another Nikon shooter at the dog park last summer we just waved at each other and wondered what each other was up to.

    Anyway I've been approached a couple times by people asking if I'm an insurance or some other kind of investigator.

    I was mowing the grass a few months ago when a guy stopped his car in front of my house and asked if he could take a picture of it for some realestate project. I told him sure, no problem and mentioned that google does that every year with their photo-car and somebody regularly gets good aerial shots for the tax man.
    He said he had learned the hard way to ask for permission first.

    I recall a law passed (or almost passed, not sure) a while back in Texas that would prohibit taking pictures of girls on parade floats if they were dressed skimpy.

    It is a different world and I'm careful to avoid any conflict when taking pictures or not.

    Found it ! https://verdict.justia.com/2014/09/3...phy-bites-dust
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    Re: i got pulled up again

    I get this all the time.
    You can walk around with a phone taking pics and nobody takes any notice. If you use a DSLR all hell breaks loose. Suspicions abound, people get paranoid, accusations fly, and you can get labelled. More education is needed, but alas, for some people even that is a waste of time.
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    Re: i got pulled up again

    Sounds a bit like the UK
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    Re: i got pulled up again

    i got pulled up again
    Will this help

    i got pulled up again-nh14_outdoorvalue_ghillie_main.jpg


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    Re: i got pulled up again

    I have been asked once when I took my camera to photograph my niece. But it was a polite question asking who I was photographing and that was it.

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    Re: i got pulled up again

    A few years ago I was back home in the US staying with my sister in our duplex for a couple weeks. I had just purchased a new D800 and was trying it out to by walking down the street to a park testing it and the new 24-70 2.8. It was the middle of the day, weekday so few people were in the park except for some kids in the enclosed skateboard area with an elaborate concrete course inside a chain link fenced area. Being a school day I assumed they were older than school age. I took a few shots from 50 feet away to check AF speed, then wandered off to the creek to see if I could find some birds to shoot. 10 minutes later I heard sirens and then they stop. 2-3 minutes later I am confronted with two cops with guns pointed at me demanding that I drop the camera...sure, a new D800 and $1800 lens toss to the ground...not. I got down and they started screaming to drop the weapon...the camera, and I did but one put his foot in my hand really hard as he kicked the weapon(D800) several feet away. They demanded I keep my hands spread wide but also demanded id. Anyway, they did not shoot but did cuff me and took me to the police station and sat for a couple hours until they interviewed me after checking to see, I suppose, if I had a record for taking photos in the park before. 3 hours later, after hostile interrogation they decided I was a homeowner in the neighborhood but was told if I was reported again for "lurking" in the park or around children....(all late teens or early 20s) I would be arrested. They said I was lucky if I was not a homeowner I would have been in serious trouble for taking 3 photos of skateboarders doing trick jumps. I asked how that assumed they were children but did not ask them why they were not in school. I was told it was none of my business and it was up to me to assure they were over age, after all, I was the person the complaint was made about. I sent a letter to the city council and police chief telling them of the overreach and life-threatening situation their police put me into, and the city said they do not discuss police matters and the police said they do not answer questions about cases pending.

    I have been all over the world, 90 countries, and never ever treated with so much aggression and disrespect by officials as in my own neighborhood, and live in a country most who have never been here assume to be a police state but it is exactly the opposite. I feel less free in my own country than any place I have visited. It was not like that 30 years ago. I have not been back for 3 years and need to renew my passport so will try to have it down outside the US. Why people put up with the insanity of increased authoritarianism is puzzling. Maybe because it has been so gradual that people get used to it.
    The US is no longer safe for photography in public places is the only lesson that I could take way from this.
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    Re: i got pulled up again

    Wow, these stories are quite shocking to me. I've never felt threatened by people or authorities while out with my camera. I have a young daughter so I'm always out taking pictures of her in parks, plays and all sorts of settings often with other children involved. Maybe I'm just oblivious to scrutiny from other adults. I guess I should be more aware and be prepared for confrontations like that. I like the idea of the vest (but maybe that's just me wanting to buy more gear). Stay safe out there folks.

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