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    New Gear Thread!

    Just as the title says. Have you ordered some new gear recently? Post about it! Maybe even post a review after a week of use.

    Last night I ordered a Zeikos battery grip that also comes with a second battery, Precision Design Deluxe tripod with carrying case, Precision Design Deluxe 6-piece Lens & DSLR Cleaning Kit, Precision Design SD-card wallet, LCD monitor screen protectors, and 1-year subscription to Digital Photo Magazine. It's a good amount of stuff for $100 when all I really wanted was the grip and tripod, so I got the generic eBay "package deal".

    I also just ordered the Yongnuo 460ii Speedlight and a 5-piece filter kit with a UV, CPL, ND4, FL, and Micro X10 filters.

    Pics to come of everything setup and I'll update with how the equipment has been treating me. What about YOUR new gear?

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    C&C Always Welcome!
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    Re: New Gear Thread!

    Just got a Softbox & backdrop stand, very happy with them both.
    Getting a lot of use out of them, well worth the price at about $140.00 with shipping in.
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    Re: New Gear Thread!

    I didn't get to order any new gear, but one of my dogs got a new Knee. Does that count?

    This donut scented car freshener will more than pay for itself next time I get pulled over.

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    Re: New Gear Thread!

    Awesome you went with the Yungnuo, hope you like it, cause I love mine!

    New Gear:
    Godox TT520 SpeedLight
    Yungnuo 460ii SpeedLight
    Neewer Battery Grip
    CowboyStudios Wireless Trigger Set
    A Side Strap for the Camera
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    Re: New Gear Thread!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike150 View Post
    I didn't get to order any new gear, but one of my dogs got a new Knee. Does that count?
    Sure, it's new gear to him!

    Now go spend the grocery money on photo gear!


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    Re: New Gear Thread!

    Watch that Ziekos grip...especially the cheap plastic wheel that tightens the screw...if you over tighten them a smidgen, it will likely strip and your grip will be stuck on your camera....been there done that.

    on a side note, I did just order a Black Rapid RS-Sport strap from Allen's that I am excited to get on Monday. FYI...AMAZING customer service @ Allens!
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    Re: New Gear Thread!

    The Ziekos grips are great, but don't care for the second party batteries, no life to them compared to the OEM Nikon's. I have one battery of two that came with the grip that only holds a charge for 50 shots. Coming off the charger my D90 says the battery is fully charged and is at 100% health, still goes dead after 50 shots. After seven months of use that's the only complaint I have. You might want to think about picking up some OEM Nikon batteries down the road.

    As for me buying anything (major), well I'm over budget this year, however if Uncle Sam is good to me this year I hope to pick up some fast glass to complement the 35mm 1.8 that I already have.

    Joe, I been looking at the Rapid Strap for some time now, If you can I be interested in your review especially if you're attaching it to a camera with a second party grip like the Ziekos.
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    Re: New Gear Thread!

    yep, i sure will review it for you all. It has great reviews online. I have to say, I am slightly hesitant about letting $3k worth of equipment dangle at my side by a cheap plastic ziekos grip. But we will see. first sign of weakness and that grip is coming off!
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    Re: New Gear Thread!

    I can tell you all about the Black Rapid camera strap, as I have had my RS-4 now for about 6 months. LOVE IT! This is the best strap on the market, bar none, IMHO. Extremely well made, storage for memory cards or whatever, well padded shoulder pad, easy to use. Overall.....excellent product. Go to BlackRapid.com >> Creators of the R-Strap, the original camera sling. and watch the videos on these straps. Well worth the money.

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    Re: New Gear Thread!

    Yup, those BlackRapid straps are VERY nice. I ultimately went with a Sun Sniper strap because I thought it was more comfortable, but either way you can't go wrong. Taking the camera weight off your neck is a major plus.

    As for the Zeikos grip, I did a review in a blog post awhile back when I had one for my D90. Never had any issues with it. That said, I now use the Nikon grip on my D300s.

    +1 on knockoff batteries. I would never recommend non-Nikon batteries because they're never going to be as good. Ever. Batteries fall into the "you get what you pay for" category.


    As for me personally, I'm in the same boat as Rick and am in a holding pattern on gear for the remainder of 2011. There are a few odds and ends I would like to pick up, but no major purchases coming down the pipes until tax refund season unless I spot a major deal around the holidays. Here's the upcoming hit list:

    • 17-55mm f/2.8
    • Muslin backdrops
    • 3rd AlienBees B800 light, possibly a 4th
    • Induro CT313 carbon fiber tripod

    Also add to that list some updates to the home studio. I would like to put in some hardwood flooring this winter and get the carpet out of there. Some new office furniture is being looked at as well.
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