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    Battery charging

    What words of wisdom does anybody have on getting the best charge on their batteries, for example the en- el14a. The owners info gives info but experience may prove a better teacher. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Re: Battery charging

    Most important, don't leave dead batteries dead, it will reduce their life. Keep them charged and ready to go for next time. Don't store batteries in extreme cold or heat, (like in the car on a hot summer day or cold winter night). If you have an option of charging fast vs. charging slow, choose slow for extended life and fast only for convenience. Cycle multiple batteries if you have the option to. If you need to store batteries long term, don't leave them fully charged but not empty either, (3.6v if you have a way to test it, 2 bars if not). Let batteries cool 5 minutes after use before charging and after charging before use.
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    Re: Battery charging

    I would say don't worry about it. I'm a long time user of special lithium ion batteries that I use in some high output flashlights ('torches' for our friends across the pond). I do give those batteries some special attention but I really don't give my camera batteries a second thought. I just use my cameras and if a battery is less than half charged, I'll charge it if convenient. If not convenient, I'll run it down lower. My original d7000 battery is still in service.
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    Re: Battery charging

    Just to add, I do all those things TwistedThrottle mentioned with my flashlight batteries and its good advice. But at some point I said screw it and I don't think about the camera batteries and they still last for years. I do number the camera batteries so they all get regular use.
    I must have a really good camera.

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