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    Re: Where to go next from D5500

    Quote Originally Posted by hark View Post
    Don makes a really good point. The sensor on the D90 has fewer pixels than the D5500 as well as all of the new bodies. If the quality of your lenses isn't good, it will be more noticeable on all bodies with sensors greater than 12mp.
    I've been hearing that this is especially true on the D850.

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    Re: Where to go next from D5500

    I agree with the others, the D5500 is capable of better images than can be resolved on the web and your monitor. How are you viewing the images, zoomed in or so the entire image is seen at once on your monitor? The D90 was a camera that really upped the feature set for mid-range cameras and it is capable of very good images. If viewing its files at 1:1 100% a larger area is seen on the monitor due to its lower pixel density so zoomed in they might look better. But when viewed so the entire image is seen at once, the detail and dynamic range will be better. Zooming in to examine a photo should only be done to check focus but not for image quality because the higher pixel density file will mean a 100% view is a lot greater magnification. It is called pixel peeping and it has caused more people to upgrade needlessly and ruins the artistic impression of an image. It is a bad habit.

    There are a lot of factors in image quality and some of the least important factors are camera related. If you get the subject well and creatively lit, the D90 is going to produce better images than the pro D850 without the careful lighting.
    Please post an image or a link to an image that fails for you and we can probably identify what the problem is.

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