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    Re: Why Not Charge Off USB

    I agree,
    I am having the same problem. I paid over $1,300.00 for a D7200 and I left my charger at home. I have my USB cable which I can use for my Sony to charge it. I guess the Nikon will stay in the case. Oh wait I have a Nikon Coolpix my wife bought me at a thrift store recently for $10.00. It uses AA batteries. O.K.!

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    Re: Why Not Charge Off USB

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.
    We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.

    Yes, it would be nice if everything charged off of USB. But, even USB chargeable units require different USB cables to work. What a PITA. Moral of the story is always take enough batteries and/or a charger with you.
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    Re: Why Not Charge Off USB

    There are several reasons, one being the higher charge rare requires temperature monitoring of the battery which the extra contacts on the charge provided. The USB current rating on 5volts out using a switching regular to boost that to 7.5 volts or more would exceed the spec for USB A There are several power supplies inside the camera, with much of the digital portion being 3.3v, interface chips at 5 volts and analog circuits up to 12.6 for shuttler, backlighting etc. It is possible for new models designed from a fresh start could add a slow overnight charge capability but DSLRs are systems that almost always involve a bag of accessories, lenses, flash, modifiers, batteries,cleaning supplies etc so thinking it is a camera requirement means assuming a different nature of use, like how a phone camera works, self-contained without any accessories. When I don't want to carry a bag I use only my phone. For grab shots, it takes the place once filled by a compact camera in the ecosystem. If I am taking my FF DSLR, I am also taking a selection of heavy fast lenses, at least 2 flash, several sets of batteries for camera and flash and accessories. It is a more formal way of approaching the task that usually means a purpose for the outing, unlike how I use my phone's 16mpx camera which is simply randomly stumbling on something interesting.
    Maybe the Z6/7 will be small enough to treat is as an opportunity camera, just tagging along. It DOES have USB charging. 600 grams is in the heavy point and shoot weight range and the new S lenses already shown are very light and small so if one was so inclined it would be a high-end point and shoot when having no particular goal in shooting more unplanned subjects. The Z series might be a practical dual-use camera, as a walking around the camera and a serious pro camera. Reports are that the 35 1.8 is as sharp in the corners at 1.8 as f/4. Same with the very light 50 1.8. My main camera now, a D800 which is getting a companion D850 soon, the stores here have them in ample stock. Maybe by summer, I will have the opportunity to add the Z7 and the 35 1.8 and 84 1.2.....I will still take a charger if my 5 batteries are not enough.

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    Re: Why Not Charge Off USB

    Quote Originally Posted by jwstl View Post
    USB doesn't put out enough power to charge the DSLR batteries.
    Sorry but it does, The new Z cameras can charge via USB
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