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Ride like the wind  Tiny Dancer  Burning Tree
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Description by dees0131


A Sunset Dance

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  1. #1 jdeg
    Re: Tiny Dancer
    Great pic! Can you provide EXIF info and describe how this image is 'hot' for purposes of the contest?
  2. #2 dees0131
    Re: Tiny Dancer
    I'm not sure about the EXIF as I'm very new at this! I'm starting my first digital photography class in the fall semester. How do I find the EXIF info? The picture was taken at the end of a hot August day in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, as the sun was setting. I used my brand new Nikon D3000. Love my new camera.
  3. #3 jdeg
    Re: Tiny Dancer
    The EXIF is embedded in the image usually. In windows you can view it by right clicking on the image, selecting properties, and going to the details tab. If it is not there than that means a program probably removed it at some point in the editing process. That's okay though - we mainly just want to make sure that the photos were taken with a Nikon camera