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by pjl
Way!  No Way!  Daly City
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Description by pjl


Find the bolt.

Comments for No Way! (3)

  1. #1 AxeMan - Rick S.
    Re: No Way!
    Ok, think I found it. Now what?
  2. #2 pjl
    Re: No Way!
    At least one of the viewers answered.
    Where do you think it is?
    I'll toss up the crop for ya.
  3. #3 AxeMan - Rick S.
    Re: No Way!
    Ok, I'm going to be honest here it's not where I thought it was in the original. What I saw was MUCH bigger and in the center of the photo. I thought it was just the Hex Head of the Bolt. But it was too big to match the rest of the photo, but looked like a bolt. After looking at the crop I can find it. In the original I now know where to look but because of the limitations on upload resolutions I can hardly see it.

    It's on the left side a little down from the center of the photo, It's silver, and standing (thread side down) straight up on the rock. Mater of fact it looks brand new.

    No Way, How weird it that?