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breakfast on the fly  Corner 3  Old Lower Lighthouse
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Description by fotojack


Fast motorcycle going around a corner.

Comments for Corner 3 (9)

  1. #1 G-Meister
    Re: Corner 3
    Beautifully sharp and extremely well panned. Great shot!

    Where was it taken, I mean at which track?
  2. #2 fotojack
    Re: Corner 3
    Thanks, G-Meister. It was taken at Race City Speedway in Calgary, Alberta. I'm one of the corner marshals there, so I have plenty of opportunity to take some shots like these.
  3. #3 LagunaAmy
    Re: Corner 3
    Nice picture!
    Was this an amateur class? The bike has a license plate.
    My husband is a life-long motorcyclist ... he would love being a corner marshall!
    Anyway, very nice shot!
  4. #4 Jase
    Re: Corner 3
    Bravo, bravo!
  5. #5 Amanda1515
    Re: Corner 3
    WOW...This is an amazing shot...
  6. #6 jacann40
    Re: Corner 3
    Nice action shot - very sharp!
  7. #7 Photowyzard
    Re: Corner 3
    Beautiful image, something you would see on the cover of a racing magazine. Well done!
  8. #8 GUMBY
    Re: Corner 3
    Great photo of the Yamy, how I envy the pilot.
  9. #9 Maxie
    Re: Corner 3
    Dang! Can you tell me what settings were used? WoW!