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Added by Amanda1515
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More by me  More by me  More by me
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  1. #1 fotojack
    Re: More by me
    wow! Love this shot! Great capture, Amanda!
  2. #2 Michael Black
    Re: More by me
    very nice, wish I had the chance to take a shot of that
  3. #3 jengajoh
    Re: More by me
    This is Multnomah Falls, isn't it? great shot, I have a similar one.
  4. #4 Amanda1515
    Re: More by me
    Yes it is....I shot this on the way to beach with with my family...(it;s about 3 hours from my home town)...I love this place...
  5. #5 Kamper
    Re: More by me
    Very nice Amanda,
    Been by this place many times as our son lives in Beaverton.
  6. #6 Phyllis Petrosky
    Re: More by me
    Wow! That's gorgeous!!
  7. #7 Amanda1515
    Re: More by me
    Thank you... I love this place... I am so missing the west coast...
  8. #8 Anonymousphoto
    Re: More by me
    This is so amazing. your work is so great you have an amazing style and eye!!
  9. #9 Amanda1515
    Re: More by me
    Thank you very much
  10. #10 Giiggz
    Re: More by me
    Great shot! I was there in 2011.
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