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Mt Constance  Late Afternoon  White Sands BW
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Description by ohkphoto


White Sands National Monument in New Mexico

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  1. #1 goz63
    Re: Late Afternoon
    Very nice. I like the three dimensional perspective this gives. The side light is nice also. Did you use a tripod? What lens did you use? I see your focal length is 102mm. Your D200 does a nice job.
  2. #2 Oz1
    Re: Late Afternoon
    Hi Helene:
    Let me start by saying that you have an excellent composed shot. I especially like the sun rays beaming down and across from the clouds. Your details and color saturation are very pleasing.
  3. #3 Joseph Bautsch
    Re: Late Afternoon
    Very good composition. I'm sure you have heard of composing by 1/3rd's. In this case you composed by 1/6 th's. A 1/6 has six levels in the composition. A much more difficult composition to achieve than thirds. You got this one put together very nicely. Very good color, detail, and depth. Very nice.
  4. #4 jdeg
    Re: Late Afternoon
    holy crap - that's awesome!
  5. #5 Ruidoso Bill
    Re: Late Afternoon
    What can I say Helene, simply gorgeous! I like this one very much. I would say you knocked it out of the park with this one.
  6. #6 Eduard
    Re: Late Afternoon
    I think you can sell this for a cover of a romance novel! :-)
  7. #7 fotojack
    Re: Late Afternoon
    Everything that can be said about this photo has already been said, Helene. Utterly gorgeous!
  8. #8 Carolina Photo Guy
    Re: Late Afternoon
    The only comment that I can add is...


    You are a fantastic photographer!

  9. #9 calseal
    Re: Late Afternoon
    Hi Helene. This shot is a masterpiece. You could enter this in any photo contest and do well. Your use of sidelighting adds to the dramatic tension of the scene. I am still waiting to take " career shot" that you already have in your portfolio. Keep up the good work.. Cal Seal
  10. #10 Laurie Anne King
    Re: Late Afternoon
    Wow - reading all the other comments... all I can add is I love the way the middle dunes have a fleshy feel to them... Gorgeous!
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