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XMAS Card 2012  HDR Sunrise - 2012-11-03  Hands In The Air
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  1. #1 Maxie
    Re: HDR Sunrise - 2012-11-03
    Now that's the kind of images I really like. Although, my second shot would have been to see, focus in on the the plane. I truly love aircraft. Where was that taken? I have three boys and two of them went out west, New Mexico, I think. And they took some photo's that were so amazing. The sky was unlike anything I've ever seen in Florida. it was very red. Totally bad ass.
  2. #2 stew68
    Re: HDR Sunrise - 2012-11-03
    Really nice shot hope i can get some like this some day
  3. #3 wud
    Re: HDR Sunrise - 2012-11-03
    Very beautifull. Amazing clouds
  4. #4 WhiteLight
    Re: HDR Sunrise - 2012-11-03
    Wow! That's an awesome capture Jake.. You also seem to have caught something streaking across the sky