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Added by Scott Murray
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Jan 02 2013 Fogg Dam Sunrise
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  1. #1 stevebobb
    Re: Fogg Dam Sunrise
    Great photo can i ask what lens and basic setting you used for this photo.....It looks like you took the photo in the water was you on a bridge, if you were did you use a tripod?? Because I am testing myself, and the D800E whether i need to use a tripod to get those extra sharp photos?? Thank you for sending in the photo..
  2. #2 Scott Murray
    Re: Fogg Dam Sunrise
    Tripod was used on a walkway that protruded over the water. Using the 16-35mm lens. Not sure of the settings. Will see if I can dig them up.
  3. #3 Aneela
    Re: Fogg Dam Sunrise
    This is so beautiful!
  4. #4 Scott Murray
    Re: Fogg Dam Sunrise
    Thank you Archer
  5. #5 Doug V
    Re: Fogg Dam Sunrise
    Love this picture, color is intense, made me look at it for several minutes.....great work Scott..
  6. #6 That Steve Guy
    Re: Fogg Dam Sunrise
    Super picture. Hope there weren't any beasties in the water.
  7. #7 Redtail55
    Re: Fogg Dam Sunrise
    I love the cloud reflections in the water ,awesome shot !
  8. #8 Michael J.
    Re: Fogg Dam Sunrise
    A great photo
  9. #9 Giiggz
    Re: Fogg Dam Sunrise
    Beautiful picture! Love the colors.
  10. #10 mac66
    Re: Fogg Dam Sunrise
    Great perspective. Like reflections and colors
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