Your Best D7000 Photos

Lets see your Best D7000 photos

I will start of with one of my first shots with my D7000. Low light high ISO
Please don't do this, it makes me want one even more.

I didn't think the D7000 would be that much of a jump from my D5100 but I have been pleasantly surprised. Focus is fast and IQ seems to be a little better but that may be more of a factor of the larger file size giving me a little more to work with.


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Nice shots and I only mention the following because I think the first one could be even better with just a bit of processing. A bit dark, it's looks a little lopsided as in sloping down to the right and the people on the stairs are a distraction.


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Yes Don, more so, South Eastern Australia. I thought I had put it in my profile bit, oops. I shot this with the basic settings it came with, but it looks to me as if the focus is a bit behind the kangaroos, and I dodged the exposure a bit in NX2 as it was a little dark. It doesn't help that I need glasses, so for me it is about knowing where all the buttons are by feel.

I so need to learn to take control of what I want in the image captured.....


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Nov 17th 2013 039.JPG

i watched this blue footed booby dive bomb into the lake after the fish.

Nov 29th 2013 054.JPG

reflections on the lake, i was watching the sunset and turned around to see this

Nov 14th 2013_1 118.jpg

i always laugh at these eyes, something about them

Dec 22nd 2013 037.JPG

a great white egret in take off mode
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Second try, I tried to shoot straight up the line, to avoid all the pin and barrel this lens has.... Still a great setup for me getting back into image making.....

My first camera was a Zenit E, None of these fancy functions, and depth of field was in front of your eyes on the ground glass......

Peace all

ps. I don't think it is as bad as they say, and I kind of like slower shutter speeds. It helps my lack of focus, and adds fun to the scene in my eyes, blurry and out of focus as they are......


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Galahs in the rain, what a fishy thing birds are......

Abstract view of everyday things, shutterwise..........


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