Work flow with Lightroom and Backup Work flow

Fred Kingston_RIP

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My workflow... Using an Apple iMac Mini M1

I create a folder on my desktop

I insert the SD card in the reader and copy all the relevant files to the temp folder I just created.

I open LR... And import the files... as part of the Import process, I have LR copy the files to a Date hierarchy on a separate photo drive... That drive becomes my primary photo repository and catalogue... <--in a separate action that runs at night that entire drive is mirrored to another drive as a backup.

All processing gets initiated from LR... ALL other specialized programs get initiated as plugins in LR... IOW, LR is Control Central... No Bridge, No Nikon programs...

When I finish importing to LR... and after the temp folder has gelled for a week or so, and everything appears to be okay, I delete the temp folder with its files from the desktop.

I have a separate USB drive from the Photo drive named Photo_Drive_Backup... And use Carbon Copy Cloner (programmed to run every night at 10pm) to backup that drive... And an Apple Time Machine on the network...

Within a 24hr. period, I'll end up with 3 different, separate, backups on my network

1. The original Photo drive
2. The Photo drive Backup
3. Time Machine's backup

I'm a belt and suspenders kind of guy... :)

Fred Kingston_RIP

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I guess so... When I looked at the thread, (I had never posted a Blog before) the post was highlighted in a green box and asked if I wanted to "post this as a blog". I had never seen that before... So I said, "Hell yeah!"... and clicked the button... :)

I guess I should clean it up, particularly the title because the title isn't indicative of what's presented...

Can I do that, and make it into something that gets saved??? I'm open to suggestions...