Will I benefit much by going from D750 to D810?

Steve in Oz

Senior Member
My primary bodies are the D7200 for telephoto work and the D750 for 'corporate' use... but very little of my work goes to print of any kind - it pretty much all goes online.

On that basis, is the 36mp of the D810 going to be of any real benefit compared to the 24mp I'm currently using?

BF Hammer

Senior Member
You would have some reason to go to a D850. That is mainly because of considering the D850 may be the best evolution of the DSLR bodies that there is. D750 and D810 don't have enough difference to justify a change unless there is a specific feature you are missing. And you would lose the pop-up fill flash in the change.

Fred Kingston_RIP

Senior Member
I have both... I have to force myself to use the D750... To me...it's like hunting with a BB gun... You never know when an elephant crosses your path, and you'll need that big gun...