Why Not a Blog - The Petzval Z 55


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and so the new Nikonites site is re-launched, gone is the Blog area, so restricted to topic areas Today, I was
digging thru my gear, and dug out the 55 1.7 Petzval with the Z mount. The Z mount makes it nicer to put on
the Z, but restricts it use on the D850 or DF. so,, almost rather have the F mount version, but does keep it
more compact. The lens is actually quite friendly, with decent sharpness on the Z9. and being able to dial up the Petzval swirl bokeh effect is handy. It is less handy that changing it also changes the focus, so you have to refocus each time, so
harder to just experiment. I got the brass version which I would not recommend, as its finish is already coming off, and I have not even used the lens really. I would get the all black version for sure. I just got the brass version in that I had the early generation of the 85 1.8 too. anyhow, I'll post observations/blogs in this manner going forward.


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The blog is a third party add-on, not a part of the software for the forum. Whether one will be added, I don't know. I'm not sure blogs were widely used on the old forum so that might have factored into the decision (just a guess though).

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There's really no difference in using a separate thread as a continuing "blog"... Just name it something that's easily distinguishable as such... and then change and adjust the title each week or whatever interval you choose...

"STMV's Weekly Blog -- The Petzval Lens this week"

Fred Kingston

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I tested this a bit... Here's what needs to be done... A separate form needs to be setup for blogs... and then threads can be placed there as outlined above.
The second thing that needs to be done...is prevent other users from adding comments to someone's blog thread.
If you start a NEW thread, you'll notice at the bottom of the editor box, there's a spot for "options"...One of those "options" that's not presently available, is "Lock this thread"...That effectively prevents someone from adding to the thread. If JDEG could turn that option on, the Blog starter can use that option to limit any discussion to their blogs. I believe that option can be turned ON for that single BLOG forum, so it wouldn't be available in other forums...